Expansion Joint Repair Services

Have you noticed chips or cracks along your joint lines? These can cause serious health and safety concerns if left untreated. Stateline Surface Solutions is here to repair and rebuild your expansion joints and get your floor back to its prime condition.

Expansion joints are a necessary feature of a concrete floor, allowing the floor to flex instead of crack when pressure is applied, especially by heavy loads or temperature changes. Unfortunately, they can also be the first place you may notice your floor deteriorating. Exposed cracks can become a breeding ground for bacterial growth, trap dirt and debris and pose serious safety risks. In turn, you may notice chipping or cracking in your epoxy floor if it was improperly applied around the expansion joint.

Stateline Surface Solutions will expertly repair your unsafe expansion joint. After grinding out the joint, we will remove any debris. Next we will rebuild the joint with an epoxy mortar and restore a smooth, even surface. Then we apply floor epoxy to the surface, cutting a clean line in the surface once it dries. In order to create a flexible joint in the epoxy surface that will move with the slab underneath, we fill the cut line with flexible polyurethane joint filler. This solution ensures you will not encounter the same problem again.

Please contact Stateline Surface Solutions today for a free quote. Our flooring and coating experts are here to assist you and get the job done so you can get back to business.